Xmlvalidatingreader xsd

01-Nov-2019 00:16

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Since Xml Validating Reader is represented as to handle many kinds of validation feature, it might be useless when you both have DTD and XML schema (e.g.

DTD for entities and XML Schema for document structures).

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Secondly, it brings some namespace scoping problems in identity constraints i.e.

As described below, when you use Xml Schema Collection, it will automatically compile the schema you would add.

By the way, XML Schema is designed as to handle one or more namespaces. Xml Schema Collection class represents a collection of schemas. NET 1.2, it will have the similar class named Xml Schema Set, that is more conformant to W3C standard.

I'll start by showing you how you can use the Xml Reader object to move through an XML file, extracting information as you go.

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Then you'll see how other objects, including the Xml Node and Xml Document objects, provide a more structured view of an XML file.It supports DTD validation and XML Schema validation.

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