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15-Jun-2020 08:31

Build up a public system alongside editor intervention.

Technical implementation or culture may be the things that make websites deteriorate, and we can change these.

Try things out, and if they seem to work, let them take over to a greater extent.

Some ideas: * Deter 'rabble' from participating: * Make the site have a higher usability learning curve * Make the community extremely hostile to even potential stupidity.

There is also a policy discouraging content that simply paraphrases another link ("linkjacking"). Why force people to stumble around in the dark and then be punished when they step in the dog piles?

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Also with all its deficiencies, the Argentinean NIC is free, as in free you confirmed that all listed domain has been banned .

i don't think so because they are indexed in google yet and having cached randomly .