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However, Patrick and the head nurse at the hospital rallied around Sabrina and were able to prove that Britt had set Sabrina up.As Britt contemplated her next move, she had a conversation with her mother, Dr.However, Britt became concerned over the growing closeness between Patrick and Sabrina after they spent New Year's Eve together.In time, Britt was able to seduce Patrick and she convinced him that she needed to spend time with him and Emma.She reminded Britt that she, along with Britt's father, Cesar Faison, had efficiently removed Robin from Patrick's life and no one suspected that she was still alive.Britt agreed with her mother that she needed to move forward with her plans for Patrick.

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She was found by Sabrina, who claimed that Emma had ran away because Britt had said that she did not like Emma.However, Maxie's father Frisco Jones intervened and warned Britt to leave his daughter alone.