Who is steve ward from tough love dating

19-Sep-2020 20:24

After watching the most recent season, I believe that although Steve and his mama give mostly on target advice, the “line up and shoot ’em” format still tugs at my dating coach heart.

But before I dive into that, here’s a rundown of how the show works for those of you who don’t watch.

For example, a woman who gets emotionally attached to every guy she meets would be nicknamed Miss Needy, and a woman who wants a super wealthy man would be nicknamed Miss Gold Digger.

During each episode the girls interact with potential matches and go on dates, all with the intention of following Steve’s advice and making better dating choices now than they have in the past.

Any dating show where women are “set up” to fail and then criticized for it makes for entertaining television, but it doesn’t score any points in the dignity department.

With all that said, the bottom line is this: I can tell Steve’s heart is in the right place, and he really wants to help the women overcome their challenges and find love.