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06-Apr-2020 08:51

But that’s what makes him so unique; music is like a palate for him, and his lyrics are the paintbrush.

His great attention to lyrics is also why he takes such long breaks in between albums; sometimes he gets writer’s block (the same thing happened to D’Angelo, but in much more severe way).

I remember reading in one article that Maxwell took a long break to go and experience life more so that he can have something to write about.

Even though it sucks when your favorite artist takes a sabbatical, one can only respect that because it indicates that they aren’t just in it for the fame and fortune; they truly care about the craft, and this guy definitely cares about his craft.

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The last reason I picked Maxwell is because none of his albums sound like the one that preceded it.

Urban Hang Suite was sort of jazzy and sultry, Embrya was sublime and poetic, Now was kind of pared down and funky, etc.

Maxwell, in my humble opinion, is a musical genius.

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To be honest, I’ve never given this much thought because “R&B” is kind of a nebulous term these days, but if I had a gun to my head, it would probably be Maxwell, aka Musze.

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