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Besides the Provos’ and Panthers’ efforts, community institutions thrived.

The Berkeley Consumer Cooperative, active since 1939, moved to withdraw from the Chamber of Commerce, and the Liberty House store sold Mississippi handcrafts to fundraise for civil rights work there.

For the decade that followed, attendance would hover around 45 people — then it would climb, hitting a high of 180 in Montreal five years ago.

Mike Cummings, a political scientist at the University of Colorado, hosted an early conference in Denver in 1979.

It was in this general spirit that utopian studies as such began: alongside the resurgence in what Lyman Tower Sargent called communitarianism, or the life of intentional communities.

Leaders of the student government and the school paper undertook a hunger strike against racism.They were all acquitted the next year, and in May a “Vietnam Commencement” drew 6,000 students and faculty in support of new graduates becoming conscientious objectors.