Updating sharp firmware

06-May-2020 03:53

Updating the firmware on a Sharp BD-HP20U Blu-ray player using a USB stick and a Mac was not entirely straightforward for me.

The process is a bit brittle, so I’m documenting it in the hopes that I (and others) won’t waste so much time dealing with it next time around.

I saw a bulletin from Sharp stating that there would be a firmware update to fix the issue (release in April of 2019). I also can't find any updated drivers for 10.14 yet. Our office needs to be able to print color accurate images to this printer. Sharp posted a lot of firmware updates around that time. I have used the 10.13 driver in the 10.14 environment without any problems but not specifically with the 2600, but with the older 2700 series.

Have had all kinds of software issues with Macs though when it updated to 10.14 which have mostly been resolved by updating the software programs, specifically word and PDF programs. Bil Good day from Phoenix DJ, I have searched the Sharp database and I'm not finding the bulletin in question?

Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

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The filesystem on the USB stick must be FAT16 – the player will not read FAT32.I will say that Sharp is a superior product in a MAC environment and they have been for some time. It may be just a typo, what is the bulletin number?And I really can't see the need for the folks to write new firmware on a machine of that age. A tip can be a thought, a recommendation or an idea, but like they say, "best laid plans rarely come to fruition". In my most recent conversation with Sharp support I asked about firmware for the MX-2600/MX-3100 series and have heard nothing other than crickets chirping.(Luckily, neither of my cameras were in the recall – hope you discover the same.) That bit of unpleasantness out of the way, let’s talk firmware.

First, here’s my firmware update video (from the previous post) that will show you how to install the updates step by step: . (The update takes just over 3 minutes to install.) Z7 Firmware – 2.0 (click here) If the camera detects the face of a portrait subject, the face will be enclosed in an amber border indicating the focus point.

Whatever you use will end up being all uppercase regardless of how you enter it.