Updating ps3 2 53

20-Aug-2020 11:44

While it was apparent during the past two exploits, as they went nearly a year (with each exploit) without seeing a patch for a softmod, that has kind of shown Sony's hand with its dealing and future intentions with the PS3.

Somewhat surprising (since PSN is still active) but it makes sense, with the Play Station 5 on the doorstep.

The spoofing feature allows your 4.84 Custom Firmware (not ps3hen supported) to connect to PSN, by using a little trickery to fool the PS3 server's to thinking your 4.84 console as anything related to PSN and exploited system can have a potential risk for a PSN ban, its not a guaranteed ban but likely if your using the console in a way that an official one would not be used, some research and theories suggest that spoofers can raise the potential ban risk on PSN but like anything with PSN and your exploited PS3 nothing is for sure or known.

plenty have used them with no issue and many have blamed the spoofers for the ban (no one is certain why a psn ban occurs)..

So we took it upon ourselves to get the ball rolling on a new Version 2.x.x has come with a number of new additions for a better experience.

Some of the new changes provide full PS3ISO Support , As well as full BDISO and DVDISO support has been added, plus new improvements to PS3HEN's stabili​" status and means that you can enjoy those Game Titles as minimum as with the same good experience compared with an PS3 or even better (like with 4K Output Resolution, for instance).

The developer has alot of videos on other intresting subjects in his diverse You on reboot by selection those included options on the XMB as well.

updating ps3 2 53-57

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This exploit for non CFW console's provides homebrew support and a number of Custom Firmware intangibles for those console that can not install a traditional CFW, with those being lat production PS3 Slim models and all of the Super Slim Consoles.This is due in the way this was delivered and presented.We paused the reporting this on the frontpage until we were pleased with the documentation.Following the recent 4.85 System Update on the PS3, developer's around the community have been making the rounds for maintenance updates and 4.85 Solutions.

updating ps3 2 53-74

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Luckily for the community Sony did not even attempt to patch the exploits support has been added in the v6.2.3 release.Well, only saying that “it’s not that hard to do it” would be a huge understatement, because PS3 Jailbreak 4.85 CFW exploit can be done by anyone who has a USB drive.