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20-May-2020 22:09

Radio-Metric Dating is not the same as Radio-Carbon Dating, which relies on the half-life of Carbon 14. I am no Biblical scholar, or a scholar of any kind.All we ever knew about things supposedly scientifically proven to be of an age beyond the capabilities of Radiocarbon dating was that "scientists" used what they called "special techniques" with increasing margins of error and inaccuracy the greater the age of the object. For the first time, I saw the actual Radio-Metric method exposed, and it looks to me like a whole lot of modern Geology joins Paleontology in departing from real Science and joining the ranks of Scientism. We have always held to the "Four Senses of Scripture" for interpretation, and not held fast to literal interpretations, especially of Genesis, until recently.Computer Models produce what the Modelers make them produce. It appears to be exactly the situation when Copernicus first discovered heliocentrism, and the whole world was shocked and rocked back on its heals.Even statistics "prove" nothing beyond probabilities. And in everything, including even the much vaunted, old-fashioned , GIGO rules. Many were they who would not even entertain the thought!(Fast passenger jets with atomic clocks aboard circumnavigated the globe at high speed, at the equator, one going East and the other going West.At the end of the flights, the difference in the time recorded on the two atomic clocks exactly agreed with the difference predicted by Relativity, one jet having gone in the direction of the earth's spin, and the other in the opposite direction.) Rotating storms and hurricanes, whirlpools and sink drains, all spin in one direction above the equator and in the opposite direction below the equator, implying if not proving that the earth spins.It doesn't state it explicitly, but it's hard to interpret the many, inference and implications in any other way.And, of course, we all know that the Catholic Church wrote the Bible. Which of these many Scripture passages should be taken literally, if any, and which ones not? This is a quest for greater understanding of the Word.

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It led me to research many of the topics raised by Hugh Owen, in avenues I had not known before, and everything he says so far is backed up by what I have found elsewhere.

A known reliable spokesman lends a lot of credence to the argument just on his own earned merit.

Michael Voris interviewed the makers of "The Principle" in a Mic'd Up episode, which you can watch Right Here. We haven't seen the film yet, and don't know which variety of it to buy yet either; need to learn more about how each one works.

And now, we see the exact same thing happening in reverse; serious questions are raised regarding the possibility of geocentrism, and again, the whole world is shocked and rocked back on its heals.

And many are they who will not even entertain the thought! In any case, it is particularly delicious to see all these devout atheists faithfully clinging to their cause, and crying out "Heresy! Strong evidences are given for a short earth life, and long, millions or billions of years of age, is strongly refuted.