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The Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown in 1893 by a group of American businessmen. Although the islands receive abundant amounts of both sunshine and rain, rain is more likely on the north and east sides of the islands, which face the prevailing northeasterly tradewinds (the "windward" side of the island), as well as the mountain peaks and valleys.The moist tropical air carried by the tradewinds is forced upward by the mountains, resulting in clouds and rain.Numerous waterfalls and rainforests evoke memories of what the islands might have looked like before major corporations set their sights on Hawaii.The road to Hana is one of the most scenic on Maui, as you manipulate many turns overlooking the Eastern coast of the island.There is therefore a higher probability of rain if you visit during the peak of tourist season in late December or January.Hurricane season in the islands runs from June to November.

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Their children would later become successful businessmen in the Islands and still own entire islands to this day. Today, the military maintains its presence here, with several major military bases on the island of Oahu alone; Pearl Harbor remains the headquarters of the U. There is a strong commitment to perpetuating native Hawaiian cultural traditions, as well as the cultural heritage of Hawaii's many immigrant communities from the Pacific, Asia and Europe.

It leads you over bridges and past beautiful waterfalls.