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The best was Bamboozle on Channel 4's Teletext, a tricksy test hosted by virtual host Bamber Boozler (or his son Buster Boozler for the kids' version on a Saturday). Luckily, Ceefax and Teletext were interactive - yes, you could actually send letters in. The sort of people who never really fit in flocked to the page for their absurd musings, all of which were edited by White Line Warrior, also known as WLW (No, this had nothing to do with drugs, but because they wrote their responses to messages under a white line.We were never actually smart enough to get to the end (that tricksy 'Bad Luck' page popped up far too often for our liking), but we smart enough to press all the various fast text keys quickly to see which one had a different page number to the others and was therefore the right answer. Whether you were a teenage boy looking for advice ("Dear Nick") or outraged from Tunbridge Wells penning poisonous rants to the always entertaining Points of View page, there was somewhere for you to vent… Apparently.) Mega-Zine became a bizarre beast with its own mythology, from the fact that WLW was a gay giraffe (?! " Still, with Apple trying to get us to buy through our TV, you could argue it was before its time, and there was always that one flash mate with the futuristic TV remote that had a pause button (what magic is this?

The thing is, Ceefax and Teletext were just constantly rolling pages…The balance of features has consistently altered over time. Oh yes, they have the world at their fingertips thanks to 'the internet' (pfft) but they just won't ever know the joy of sitting cross-legged in front of your tea, eyes stuck to the TV, waiting for the next page of Ceefax to load.With the introduction of firmware versions 8.464 and 8.764 (the version depends on your TV series), we have decided to adopt a new interactive technology (Hbb TV) that improves the user experience.

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The same feature(s) can be accessed via the red button on your remote, as long as you have a stable internet connection.) to a resident monster called Davord, Lord of Tharg. YOU COULD BOOK YOUR HOLIDAYS ON THERE , the idea of booking a city break from a list of arbitrary codes that change every minute may seem archaic... "Ah, page 5 of 2,000, and we're only on B for Benidorm, we may be some time… ) But it must have had something going for it: it's the only part of the whole shebang that's still going.