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09-Apr-2020 07:13

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“I had always been a sickly child and my mother took me to traditional healers but my condition did not improve,” she says.

“I had a bad rash all over my body and this affected my performance at school because I was absent most of the time.” Her father, a mineworker, died in 2001.

But the secondary school student admits that she is not immune to love and is attracted to someone she goes to church with.

There is a spark in her eyes when she talks about her crush, a boy who has declared his love for her.

According to the National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS, 15,000 Swazi children are estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS and a majority of these children were born with the virus.

Thanks to extensive counselling and joining the Teen Club at BCMCFS (where she still gets ART for free), Dlamini was able to accept that ‘living with HIV is not a death sentence’.

But Dlamini’s mother believed her husband’s death and daughter’s subsequent illness were the result of witchcraft.

Most broadcasts generally go in one of two different directions. Public viewers see the live streams for free, but goals are set up and people may contribute credits. And these kinds of performances focus on private conversations with partners.… continue reading »

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