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In their study, published in Astrophysical Journal Letters, the researchers took a closer look at data from two NASA spacecraft, Wind and ACE, typically orbiting upstream of Earth.They analyzed the data of 21 CMEs over a two-year period between 20 when Wind had separated from ACE."Since the late 1970s, coronal mass ejections have been assumed to resemble a large Slinky – one of those spring toys—with both ends anchored at the sun, even when they reach Earth about one to three days after they erupt," said Noe Lugaz, research associate professor in the UNH Space Science Center."But our research suggests their shapes are possibly different." Knowing the shape and size of CMEs is important because it can help better forecast when and how they will impact Earth.The star recently received a Best Actress BAFTA nomination for her role as Tonya - and is hotly tipped for a gong at the glittering awards ceremony in London next month.She has also been nominated for the Best Actress Oscar I, Tonya is a biographical film which follows the career of former figure skater Tonya and her fall from grace.The film begins with a four-year-old Tonya being forced to ice skate by her mother, who soon takes her child out of school so that she can focus on the sport.Tonya soon finds love with abusive Jeff Gillooly, who becomes implicated in an attack on Tonya's rival Nancy Kerrigan prior to the 1994 Winter Olympics.

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"But 15 years ago, they were apart and in the right place for us to go back and notice the difference in measurements, and the differences became larger with increasing separations, making us question the Slinky shape." The data points toward a few other shape possibilities: CMEs are not simple Slinky shapes (they might be deformed ones or something else entirely), or CMEs are Slinky-shaped but on a much smaller scale (roughly four times smaller) than previously thought.This is a a lighten blended version of the 304 and 171 angstrom wavelengths.Credit: NASA/GSFC/SDO As the saying goes, everything old is new again.Sounds like the perfect story for a children’s film.

‘s plot here but given how the whole movie is being kept more secret than whatever is going on at Area 51, we also can’t rule it out as a possibility.

Think of it like Schrödinger’s plot: anything could and couldn’t happen until hitting our screens on June 21, 2019, we won’t have to wait long to find out how Pixar plan to make us cry our eyes out this time around.