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HENRICH: It’s unclear because if you have multiple languages, you can potentially learn from people.

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That was the basis of Jess’s — I guess it was an op-ed in . How does that cultural evolution from these small gods to the bigger god shape understandings of human dignity? Somebody else living elsewhere, they’re completely different from me. HENRICH: Some historians — this relates to some of my thinking and research and reading about European history — have made the case that the kind of human universalism that we see emerging in Europe, notions of human rights and stuff, come in part from this notion that we’re all children of the same God rather than each of our tribes or each of our clans having its own independent gods.

Languages contain all these kind of different things like the spatial reference systems that I mentioned. You can learn one language, the traditional language that you speak with people in your community, and also learn a kind of so you can speak to the wider world. If we think the larger cultural units have more rapid cultural evolution and they carry memes better . Either that or revise your views as to the greater number of pieces having more rapid cultural evolution.