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04-Jan-2020 18:58

I noticed her behavior was changing so I started to watch her closely.She was getting home later than usual from work and going outside to talk on the phone so that is when I started to investigate things.She may act and look innocent, but I can promise you she’s a homewrecking heartless slore. She’ll do whatever it takes to try and weasel her way back into someone’s life. This trashy slore will sleep with any man who has a family at home. They likely chat, flirt, etc; meanwhile, she is dating a guy (poor guy), knows my husband is married, AND knows we have a son together. Flash forward to oct 2015, they are still “dating,” while she’s still with her “boyfriend” and my husband is still married to me. She knows I’m pregnant (she apparently is heart broken 😭); yet, doesn’t care that she’s fuking a married guy with two kids…She slept with my man for the past 2 years and when confronted acted like I was in the wrong. #morals #classy I have long suspected cheating but had no proof. Tells me everything, tells his family, and tells our counselor.

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I waited until I had enough evidence before I confronted her and him! Jessica rather chance a trick down then take care her own child she a snitch and is currently out on a bond and is in violation yet was a ROR for auto theift how she do that she a snitch and threatens her husband several times that she gonna tell police on him all the while texting from her son’s stolen phone abd smoking meth trash and using dope abd sleeps with who ever will play her games Look Out Ladies, Scott Stevenson *IS* a very married man, who cheats on his wife constantly. Only to have his wife find, their cheap costume jewelry in their new bed. This Fine Specimen of a Husband, even stole his wife’s wedding ring and sold it. Watch out everyone she loves to tear a family apart, she loves fuking married men and will make sure she ruins everything in a home. This ugly mouthed slore over exceeds her small position of power and has no respect for Anyone around her. This chick has sent countless nudes and sexual messages to the males IN her place of work. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE A SEXY WOMAN AND GET SOME RESPECT. Has tried all kinds of things to get rid of me as in harm or kill me. Police are well aware that if anything happens to me to go find her! She is a sad piece of trash, I think any woman who KNOWINGLY goes after a married man is the most hellish skanky thing you can do.

He cheated on his wife to see her before we got together and she split up with him told him no more until he got a divorce From his wife and that’s when it all began after he had his divorce he started pursuing my girlfriend they’re both cheating pieces of crap.

This piece of ship went to school with my ex Corina Merritt of agency Missouri. THERE’S MORE: He loves calling FLOOZY and paying for floozys.

She tries to find out what I told him, so she can manipulate him too…

again #classy Meanwhile, she claims to my husband that her new boyfriend (now her baby daddy) is abusive to her, and she needs my husband’s help to get out of it. Who knows if they were still banging by this point, but they were definitely still “dating” (ie talking daily and sending nudies).✌ Melissa Kennedy Hedrick thought she could stroke the ego of my boyfriend.