Secretly dating my boss

14-Aug-2020 10:21

Co-workers may worry that a romantic relationship between their peers could result in unearned perks and promotions, such as one lover choosing their partner to collaborate on a plum assignment.

Colleagues of a dating couple could also resent picking up the slack when two staffers, instead of one, are out to attend such events as weddings or funerals.

Michael proposed five years later when he joined Sandra at the end of a work-related trip to France. But workplace romances don't always have happy endings.

Messy entanglements can trigger charges ranging from favoritism to harassment.

Justin is now a minister and Kristin owns her own public relations business in Phoenix where the couple is raising their two sons, Lincoln and Calvin.

If there's no rule requiring it, co-workers don't necessarily need to rush to their personnel department as soon as they start dating.

I was just trying on the dress to see if it was worth it with my newly acquired employee discount. I tried not to get too tipsy from the free booze at the Dodgers game.

And while their relationship led to a loving marriage, both say anyone who considers dating a colleague needs to embark down that path with their eyes wide open.“It’s hard for me to say to somebody not to take a risk when for me, it turned out so well,'' says Baker, 35, who no longer works for the same company as Mezlo, 40.In the SHRM survey, 99% of the workplaces that had explicit rules regarding romance prohibited relationships between an employee and their direct supervisor. Kristin Hege, 38, was the kitchen manager at a Ruby Tuesday restaurant in North Carolina when she hired Justin Hege, 36, the man who a year later would become her husband. "It’s not unrealistic for managers and staff to hang out in the restaurant business,’’ she says. But the pair also understood that if their romance was discovered, she would be fired.“It was just a matter of time before we got busted,'' Hege says. He had management (positions) in his sights, so we knew we had to establish a plan.’’Both applied for management positions at two separate Ruby Tuesday restaurants in South Carolina, and once they got their new jobs, they told their co-workers that they were romantically involved.They eventually left the company after getting married in August 2004.It can be worth it to bring concerns up to those colleagues if their behavior appears to be leading to someone receiving preferential treatment.

"You can try to discuss that openly with individuals in the relationship,'' Haefner says.And if the couple splits up, the staff may pick sides, "creating more of a morale issue among employees who weren't directly involved in the relationship,'' Yost says. Managers weren’t supposed to date employees.’’Playing cat and mouse was a little fun at first, she says.