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It originally belonged to the Church of the East, an ancient Nestorian branch of Eastern Christianity in the Middle East.

The Dilmun encompassed the east large side of the Arabian Peninsula, particularly in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

It was located in northwestern of the now-day Saudi Arabia, and is known for its Ancient North Arabian inscriptions dating to ca.

Although this is normally translated as "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" in English, The word "Saudi" is derived from the element as-Suʻūdīyah in the Arabic name of the country, which is a type of adjective known as a nisba, formed from the dynastic name of the Saudi royal family, the Al Saud (آل سعود). A partir del 2000 se adentra en la electroacústica y el minimalismo rozando a veces la experimentación. Para más información curiosea su página web: Cornubia se extiende por el abismo entre la belleza y la espiritualidad sinfónica.