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The CD will include a bonus track of stories from Jackson’s courtship with Elvis.

She still has the ring he gave her: “My husband says it’s all right.” Elvis and Wanda were part of an extended package tour during 1955 and ’56, just as he was becoming a superstar.

Her songs were full of vinegar — “Mean Mean Man,” “Hard Headed Woman” — and she cut covers by some of rock & roll’s wildest, including Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. “It just came natural, I guess,” says the unfailingly gracious grandmother of four.

Her signature, the raunchy raveup “Let’s Have a Party,” was initially recorded by Elvis (as “Party”) for the 1957 film Loving You.

By then, Jackson had already given up on rock & roll and returned to her roots in heartache-y country music.

After Elvis, Jackson’s career took more than its share of detours.

It’ll happen — it’d be nice if I’m still living, but it’ll happen.

1950s women’s fashion style was the birth of American fashion and today, is one of the most popular vintage trends to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

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Already a star in Japan due to her Number One recording of the atomic platter “Fujiyama Mama,” in 1965 she was persuaded to record in German.

Though she initially protested — “I said, ‘I’m an Okie!

After World War II ended in 1945, the doors for American fashion designers opened wide with stylish opportunity.

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The haute couture houses of fashion in Paris stopped producing designs during the war, so by the mid ’40s their influence had waned.In September, Jackson was honored as a recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts’ National Heritage Fellowship.