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25-Apr-2020 11:40

For example, the "restaurant" that they work in isn't a real restaurant, it is a sound stage fitted to act as one!To dial up the drama (and Ramsey's temper), producers would often swap out ingredients for the contestants, causing their meal to turn out sub-par and earning them a berating from the chef.Everything started to change in the early '70s, when PBS first aired in 1973.This show was meant to be a simple documentary on the average upper-class family, but the filming happened to coincide with the messy divorce of the household's parents.

takes a variation on this formula by having a group of auction-goers bid on repossessed storage units.Unfortunately, this influx of viewership has led to an increased push by producers to create drama where it may not already be.Often times they will script scenarios or plant items so that they can make the show more interesting. Here are 15 "Real" Shows Producers Don't Want You To Know Are Scripted! However, it was reported back in 2010 that the participants on the show already knew which house they were going to purchase before filming even started.That does not mean, however, that everything on the show that happens is legit.

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Allegedly the producers of the show run the application process in reverse; the people who are the catfishing actually are the ones who apply to be on the show!

He alleged that the producers would purchase multiple units in bulk and then plant valuable items into the ones that their characters won.