Outlook 2016 nk2 file not updating

28-Jan-2020 05:36

Note if you do not have access to your old PC to get the NK2 file - there is no way of retrieving the Outlook Autocomplete.You will just have to accept that Outlook will learn from scratch all over again.Use NK2Edit to edit or delete information stored in the NK2 file or Outlook 2010/2013's Autocomplete Stream, including the display name, the email address, the exchange string, the Drop-Down display name, and the search string. The cause is the same with the Auto Complete/Auto Suggest getting empty in previous versions of Outlook; an add-in preventing Outlook from shutting down properly or even crashing it.While this solution discusses the Outlook Change Notifier add-in, other add-ins could cause the same issues and therefor the solution discussed here can be applied to other add-ins as well.The Microsoft Outlook team is also working towards a fix to handle these types of crashes and to prevent the Auto Suggest list from becoming corrupted because of this.If you have Outlook 2007 or earlier you can do this by looking for the NK2 file on the old computer.

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When you upgrade in place, the NK2 should be imported automatically.

If you get a new computer, copy it to the same location on the new computer and start Outlook using the /importnk2 switch.

%localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook\Roam Cache You can use a utility to extract the addresses from the auto-complete stream and insert them into the new auto-complete stream.

Or you could rename the file with the name of the new file, however, because the auto-complete tends to corrupt easily, make sure you export the addresses to a CSV file first, otherwise you might lose the addresses.

This is because the hidden file Outlook uses to 'remember' and suggest is not on the new computer.

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