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The issue grew further after the antivirus suggestion post was deleted from the Apple website.Though Apple’s motives for their actions are still unclear, one thing certain though is everyone’s need for protection from threats.Ironically, had they not retracted their previous statement, Apple’s concern for the security of their users’ systems would have come in perfect timing with a recent reported web threat that targets Mac users. A is reported to come from spammed messages, and is also said to be distributed through websites by posing as an application.Links on the spammed message lead to a site which supposedly contains a video that the user must watch.Its reported previous names are Mac Video and Porn4Mac. Malwaer installation taking place During installation, it tries to connect via HTTP to the IP address ..60.106 to download and execute its additional component.Unfortunately, the IP address is inaccessible as of this writing.Retraction Watch | Blog When a journal pulls a paper for being wrong or fake or plagiarized, Ivan Oransky’s crew is there to make sure science does better next time.—show you how he uses the web’s native languages to turn raw numbers into shapes, colors, graphs, charts, and maps.

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distributed cache updating for the dynamic source routing protocol java

She also knows what plants might provide the Purple Wedding poison in Eric Topol | Twitter Wireless technology, big data, cheap sensors—medicine is changing fast, and this Scripps cardiologist is on it.Upon trying to play the video however, the user is greeted with a dialog box asking them to download a “codec” to be able to view the video.