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09-Aug-2020 11:39

It is very important to not rush into decision to separate or Read more After few years of marriage some conflicts between the couples may arise and married life may become stressful.

How will you come to know that your marriage is in crisis?

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These may be due to some misunderstandings, ego or […] Read more Today, many marriages are found to be ending in divorce.

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Yet they are delaying marriage Read more A child of divorced parents might experience a feeling of intense anger, insecurity and loneliness.

The consequences of divorce affect almost every aspect of the children’s lives such as emotions and behavior coping skills, psychological development and the parent-child relationship.

There are some reasons responsible for disturbed married life such as alcohol abuse, difficulty with children, financial problems, a situation when both the partners are Read more Marriage is one of the happiest and memorable moments in our lives.