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However, it was also a trying experience because of the unwritten code of conduct in Myanmar about how a woman should behave, which constantly clashed with the person I have become.

Because of the code, I feel more Jamaican than Myanmar in social settings. ” I was told that it was socially unacceptable for women to go out at night and if I did I needed to be careful.

I am not saying that being a modern, independent woman involves dating many men, going out every night, drinking and going home with men. A woman should be able to stay home and cook and knit just as comfortably as another woman should be able to wear a short dress, hang out in nightclubs and come home at 3am.

If you’re going to applaud your son for being able to wash dishes, you should applaud your daughter twice as enthusiastically for cooking without dismissing it as something she should know because she’s a woman.

The deep reds and violets at the southern end of the multichanneled delta (top of photo) reflect large mangrove forests.

The light blues show the sediment plumes within the stream channels extending southward into the Andaman Sea. The ancient city of Bagan is located in Mandalay Division and is home to over 2,000 pagodas and temples. 1218 during the reign of King Nantaungmya; it is reputed to be the location where this king was chosen as crown prince.

A monastery sits atop the volcano and houses several monkeys.

Inle Lake is located in Shan State is is mostly known for local fishermen practicing a distinct rowing style stroking an oar with one leg.

The building is made of teak and has intricate wood carvings located throughout the structure.For the most part, I loved being back in my motherland.It was a chance to rediscover my roots, catch up with family I hadn’t seen for decades and, most importantly, gain an understanding of what Myanmar is about.Keeping your daughter in at night and telling her she is a better woman because of it is not teaching her the difference between right and wrong; it is denying her the right to experience life and make choices for herself.

If a woman has dated more than one man it doesn’t mean she is a bad woman or that she is somehow tainted; it means only that she has dated more than one man and nothing more.It’s not that women can’t go out at night in Myanmar, as many obviously do, especially in big cities. Sometimes it is out of concern for your safety because you are a woman and therefore “at risk”, but the problem is that the vast majority of the population accepts that there should be a distinction between the lifestyle of a man and that of a woman.