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And now, both of them are preparing to welcome a cute adrenaline junkie to their little happy home.One of their close friends claim that James wishes to have a baby girl beautiful like Katie.Katie Meula got married to former superbike champion James Toseland.She always mentioned that apart from having a deep affection for each other, both being adventure and music lovers, their chemistry has been very good. ‘He is her husband and her best friend’, says one of Katie’s high school friends.Though a singer and songwriter by the profession, Katie Meula is an avid adventure junkie.Her mother says she loves to experience the height of every limit, but her emotions are always in check.Katie Mula, age 31, is a Georgian-British Singer, songwriter and musician.Our sources also reveal that some romantic songs she wrote after 2012 are entirely about her own love story with James and about him.

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R., but moved to Northern Ireland at the age of eight and then relocated to England at the age of 14.

In the line above, Melua is basically saying that our universe has existed for 12 billion years and that is a guess – a guess which cannot be said to be true.

In 2005 (shortly after the song’s release), renowned British scientist and science author Simon Singh strongly criticized the song’s lyrics.

According to him, the part where Melua talks about the age of the universe being only 12 billion years (“we are 12 billion light-years from the edge”) is inaccurate.

According to Singh, not only did the singer get the age of the universe wrong but she also called it a guess, which he finds very frustrating.

Since it’s release in 2005, a number of artists have covered it.

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