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04-Jun-2020 04:20

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“Breaking down the walls that have been build to keep all our wandering souls on this planet somehow under control,” she wrote.

“With other words, showing my personal religion in a world where freedom is becoming a very luxurious thing.” The angle of the photo excludes the Dome of the Rock and the Temple Mount, an area holy to both Jews and Muslims, and many of those who posted comments on her website suggested it was chosen for fear of a backlash from offended Muslims.

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But Papen rejected the idea that she and the photographer had purposely excluded the Muslim holy site in the final published shot.

“The angle wasn’t deliberate,” she told The Times of Israel Wednesday, explaining that the pair had spent some time looking for a location from which both the Western Wall and the Temple Mount would be visible and had even taken pictures with the Dome of the Rock in the background.

The model wrote that the photo was taken on Israel’s 70th Independence Day — apparently snapped around May 14, the Gregorian anniversary of Israel’s founding and the day that the US opened its embassy in Jerusalem.

It was also the day after Israel marked Jerusalem Day, which celebrates the reunification of the city after the 1967 Six Day War.Unlike most nations of the world, the Jewish nationality is not determined by fathers, but by mothers.