Is taylor swift dating conor kennedy again

26-Jan-2020 15:20

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Rumour has it that this fling ended since Taylor Launter was more into it than Taylor Swift was. Judging from the tone of her music, it is evident that her relationship with her fellow musician John Mayer was one of the most tumultuous she has ever had in her long dating life.

In one of her songs, Dear John, Taylor sings “don’t you think I was too young to be messed with? This line is too telling as she was only 19 years of age when she dated this notoriously broody musician.

Everyone remembers the cute fling this couple had back then.

Sadly, Conor and Tay were not reading from the same page.

A few years ago the internet was always awash with news headlines about Taylor Swift’s dating, break ups and the latest guy she was penning down lyrics about.

However, of late it seems she’s found a regular guy as there are no more juicy stories about who she broke up with.

Though there have been rumours that the relationship is shaky, the duo appear to be waxing stronger.

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You have to admit, you sing her hit singles in the shower, and you undoubtedly sound good doing it.The “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer has running list of exes, which include Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and Corey Monteith.I’m sure there are a few other flings, and if I’ve missed your fave T-Swift romance be sure to let me know in the comments section below.This has led most people asking hard questions about her dating life and the core question remains; Is Taylor Swift married?

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Read her dating story below to get more insight about her current relationship status: Joe Jonas was Taylor’s first A-list boyfriend and this couple started dating when they were budding stars.This four month long fling with Jake is widely considered as the most serious of all relationships that Taylor Swift has ever had.