Ios 4 updating

13-Apr-2020 05:26

The two places we suggest checking right away are Mail accounts and Calendars because those are areas where users have had issues with prior i Phone operating system upgrades.To check your Mail and Calendar settings, go into is also set properly.Afterwards your phone will need to be reactivated online, so make sure you’ve got plenty of bandwidth (and battery power, if on a laptop) to get the job done.

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If you already have a strong backup process in place, odds are your i Phone and i Pod touch backups are included.

Just like the data on your computer, the information on your i Phone or i Pod touch could be forever lost if it isn’t backed up.

i Tunes backs up your handheld’s data every time you sync with your Mac or PC, so you should already have a copy of all your important information safely tucked away.

i OS 4.1 for the i Phone and i Pod touch is set to roll out this week, which means there’s plenty for users to think about before updating.

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We’ve put together this guide to help you decide when to upgrade, and what you need to do to be prepared when the time comes. Even if you don’t install the i OS 4.1 update right away, you’ll still want to consider making the move soon, assuming you have compatible device.An easy way to make sure you have an accurate record of all your settings is to use the screen capture feature to take snapshot pictures of your i Phone and i Pod touch settings.