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15-Dec-2019 04:18

Nothing short of Dean Winchester would be able to send my angry spirit to the other side.3.

Maddy suffered (almost terminally) from what I call Bella Swan syndrome.

The story was a nice steady page it wasn't rushed or dragged on witch I liked it wrapped up nicely I wasn't left wondering why did it end that way i'm not a huge fan of the h parents I thought when she stood up for not only her but for Jesse and I was cheering her on .

This would be my first read from this author I would love to read more from Katherine provided for honest review ****************************************hero = 10heroine = 10secondary characters = 9chemistry = 10steam = 10character development = 10pacing = 10pov= dualending = HEA cover =HOT author = new to me 2.5It was okay. It went by quick, I didn't really get the time frame of the book.

They were well-written sex scenes, but super repetitive.6. And if I was Maddy, I’d die before I let my kid be exposed to either of them.7. All in all, it’s not the worst I’ve ever read, but it’s far from the best.

I mean it all worked out fine so no biggie but still.

What annoyed me was the main characters insecurity about how she looked.

She might as well have tattooed, “Oh, I’m so ugly and plain and nerdy that no hot guy would ever want me” on her chest.

But of course, every guy who sees her thinks she’s the most beautiful creature in the world. The number of times Maddy told Jesse that he must be “joking” and faking sexual interest in her was staggering (and annoying).Even after he told her and showed her multiple times that he wanted her2.5It was okay. It went by quick, I didn't really get the time frame of the book.