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[Replaced in revision by NAC 390.061.] 389.0355 The arts defined. [Replaced in revision by NAC 390.230.] 389.054 Confidentiality and security of testing materials.

[Replaced in revision by NAC 390.220.] 389.0515 General requirements for examinations.

[Replaced in revision by NAC 390.480.] 389.692 Other credits applicable toward adult standard diploma.

[Replaced in revision by NAC 390.490.] 389.694 Waiver of credits for adult standard diploma; scores required on high school equivalency assessment for waiver.

[Replaced in revision by NAC 390.300.] 389.059 Restriction on reporting scores of individual pupils; reporting of aggregated scores. 389.650 Skills to obtain employment: Duties of participating employer. [Replaced in revision by NAC 390.400.] 389.658 Submission of results of end-of-course examinations.

[Replaced in revision by NAC 390.310.] 389.061 Specific criterion-referenced examinations required. 389.562 Career and technical education in cooperation with private employer: Contents. [Replaced in revision by NAC 390.410.] 389.6585 Publication of standards and passing grades; submission by school districts and charter schools of certain information; review and approval by Department.

389.720 Plan to operate program; approval or denial of plan; written policy; system of recordkeeping. In addition to the courses prescribed by subsection 1, a course of study in: (a) Introduction to technology is prescribed for pupils in sixth, seventh or eighth grade.

[Replaced in revision by NAC 390.500.] 389.695 Attendance at adult high school program for test preparation.

[Replaced in revision by NAC 390.510.] 389.696 Individualized program of education for pupil with disability.

389.181 World language at the advanced-mid proficiency level. HIGH SCHOOL Required Courses of Study 389.450 Prescribed courses of study for graduation. 389.4645 Common Core State Standards for mathematics. 389.673 Academic credit for courses of study in career and technical education: Periodic review and approval of each course.

389.183 World language at the advanced-high proficiency level. 389.674 Credit for equivalent experience outside campus or program.389.177 World language at the intermediate-high proficiency level. 389.372 Sixth through eighth grades: Social studies. 389.386 Sixth through eighth grades: Physical education. 389.407 Eighth grade: Common Core Standards for mathematics. Elective Courses of Study 389.443 The arts: Instruction in sixth through eighth grades. 389.670 Credit granted for performance on examination in lieu of course attendance: Board of trustees required to prescribe application and eligible courses of study; effect of pupils withdrawal from school; authority of State Board to review examination and minimum score required.

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