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One rumor has it that Sweet Springs was bought by men from South Carolina about 1796 who planned to erect several commodious dwellings in the neighborhood.

Whether these dwellings were to have been on the Springs property proper can only be guesswork for apparently the deal did not materialize.

The Sweet Springs site was chosen for the home spot by 1760, but the Lewises did not move there until 1784 or thereabouts.

William Lewis lived there from then until his death in 1811.

On April 7 of that year Moss gave a deed of trust to John Lewis for a debt of 0.64. Some slept on the bar room tables and on the benches of the old courthouse, at that time the church for the Springs.

Charles Lewis was made trustee and was to sell the property at public auction if the debt was not paid within one year, No change in ownership of the property was made until John B. Or, if one had influential friends, one might be able to squeeze one more cot (this is absolutely the last one) into one of the log cabins.

(Note-She has a note questioning the identity of Dr.

As early as 1754 Andrew and William Lewis were exploring the banks of Dunlap Creek near Sweet Springs.

What an alluring prospect this must have held for some of the guests.

By 1834 Sweet Springs was considered by some to be as beautiful as White Sulphur Springs, but one visitor said of it: "Nature has perhaps done as much here as at any watering place among the mountain; but I do not think the improvements or the arrangements of the buildings at all equal to those at the White Sulphur Springs.

Of course, the dining room had not been built with the idea of so many guests as were there in 1834.

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One could always set up additional large tables in the bar room.The Sweet Springs land remained in the Lewis family hands for many years to come.