Error validating the default for column newsequentialid

10-Feb-2020 13:59

Running this in ssms results in squential guids: insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test13a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test14a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test15a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test16a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test17a'); newsequentialid is primarily to solve the issue of page fragmentation when your table is clustered by a uniqueidentifier. I set up two test tables, one where the newsequentialid column is the primary key and one where it is not (like yours), and in the primary key the GUIDs were always sequential. I do not know the internals/technical reasons it behaves that way, but it seems clear that newsequentialid() is only truly sequential when your table is clustered by it.Otherwise, it seems to behave similarly to newid() / Row Guid.ID INTO @output Table VALUES('value1', 'value2')SELECT ID FROM @output Table--2.标记ID字段为ROWGUID(一个表只能有一个ROWGUID)INSERT INTO TABLE1(col1, col2)VALUES('value1', 'value2')--在这里,ROWGUIDCOL其实相当于一个别名SELECT ROWGUIDCOL FROM TABLE12.如何设定DEFAULT VALUE为NEWSEQUENTIALID() 通过UI的方式设定默认值时,由于SQL SERVER 2005的BUG(即使是SP2也没有解决),导致我们设置了默认值为NEWSEQUENTIALID()保存时会出现以下错误: Warning were encountered during the pre-save validation process, and might result in a failure during save. No value generation means that you will always supply a valid value to be saved to the database.If you want an interger data-type, choose int, and set indentity to True.newid() generates a uniqueidentifier (Guid) aswel, but a random one, not a sequential one. Once your questions have been answered, remember to mark the question as answered, this rewards the people helping you and helps others to move on to the next unanswered question.

Create a table with a uniqueidentifier column 'Unique ID', and set the default to newsequentialid(). saving the design: 'Table_1' table - Error validating the default for column 'Unique ID'. On later inserts, sql server seems to forget the last sequential id, and starts a new sequence.Click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helped you.This earns you a point and marks your thread as Resolved so we will all know you have been helped.But the important part is that the Guid are "ordered" in a way that do not cause page splits (if the Guid is used in a index) and this is what happens when using the new sequential guid.

error validating the default for column newsequentialid-48

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Hi, Can any body please tell me how can I set default value in column of table, by using code first approach.When using a Unique Identifier, you would use Row Guid.

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