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IT’S A GUY THING Wanna know what those sexed-up, party–hopping, publicity-seeking horn dogs from Entourage are really like? Kevin Connolly aka E The Total Pro “He taught me that a man can command an enormous amount of respect and still be fun.

character Sloan Mc Quewick has had the staying power that Johnny Drama could only dream of.

She’s the person I wish I was when I was younger—full badass, full tomboy, nothing to prove, walking around in her baggy jeans, Timberlands, and North Face vest.

It was so fun to play, but that was just the surface.

My boyfriend and I live in different cities [he’s in New York] and it’s no fun to cook for just yourself. I can’t get one of those little dogs–I need a big dog in my life. I also believe that some people dabble in black magic, and that really scares the hell out of me.

I can crank up the music, have fun, and get all shaken up. I am craving a dog right now, but I just travel way too much. I’m actually very sensitive to energies, and when people are not aligned, I can feel that.

You wouldn’t think that a guy like him would be so grounded and sensitive.” Jerry Ferrara aka Turtle The Sweetheart “This is one of the nicest guys around, and you can have a heart-to-heart with him for hours. He listens.” Kevin Dillon aka Drama The Smooth Talker “He has such an appreciation for style and beauty.

Through this comedy, you get to see our similarities as well as our differences–but how we can live together, too. Do you think it’s unfair that celebrities often get criticized by the press when they get political? It’s one of those situations where you get criticized if you’re not involved and then get criticized if you are. Sometimes I think, “If only I were blonde,” and then I smack myself and snap out of it. ” But what originally drew you to the role of Sloan—especially on a show known for its revolving door of arm candy women?Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui (born December 10, 1977) is a Canadian actress who has appeared on both television and the big screen. Early life Chriqui (pronounced like "shree-kee") was born in Montreal, Quebec, the daughter of Moroccan Jewish immigrants.Going deeper than that, I was dealing with this super tortured soul that’s seen a lot.

You’re getting asked plenty what it’s like being back with the boys from Queens Boulevard, and the answer is always “great!That kind of groundedness, being a fighter but not in an aggressive way, was something I could organically bring to the character.