Dating someone with bpd borderline personality disorder

06-Jun-2020 16:29

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Sex is another major issue that borderlines seek for themselves.In my opinion, be his friend, be there and see how it goes, but you have to decide if you want to be the donkey or the carrot.

The needing constant confirmation of my love for him. All the outbursts and anger over trivial things or issues that didn’t exist. I would have to argue for hours how much I loved him and then eventually John would say “I didn’t realize you felt that strongly about me.” that happened several times.The next day I called and left a message asking what is going on.I received a voicemail back while I was at work that said do not call me, do not email me, I do not care for you anymore, I do not love you anymore, get out of my life. I managed to work the rest of the day and I received an email from him that night and a call the next day. Things were done to me over and over the last ¼ of our relationship that he would not tolerate me doing to him especially the drunk raging mild violence one time.I again was broken up with by John and not heard from him since. I have seen him walk by my house a few times, though not recently, and last week I had a note left for me at a bar I was at. I didn’t see him at the bar as he obviously came in looking for me but somehow he got the note which was written on a scrap of paper from the bar, placed beside me - sneaky. Now that I look back at the relationship and having read about BPD extensively the past few weeks all the signs were there.

The jealousy of every person I was in contact with.Unfortunetly I didn't understand him until it was too late.