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23-Feb-2020 10:54

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For instance, if you feel like you need an abrasive, it’s often best to start with baking soda and a sponge instead of a wad of steel wool.I’m often surprised by how effective even small measures are — so effective, in fact, that I end up skipping the harsher chemicals and materials altogether!With vintage enamel, it’s best to wash everything down with water and a mild dish soap before doing anything major.This will get rid of any surface dirt and debris and allow you to better identify the underlying problem areas.With this particular piece, there is some minor pitting and many, many scratches to the finish with deeply ingrained rust stains.

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For more information regarding Proposition 65, please visit the California State's website regarding Proposition 65 Here.I left the mixture on the surface of the tray for roughly 30 minutes, then agitated it with the rough side of a sponge as I rinsed it off in the sink.While the lemon juice and baking soda did help with the rust stains, the stains were being stubborn and needed a little extra oomph, so I graduated to Bon Ami.Surely they must have a better one than the one that came with my pot. I was very disappointed in the way it was shipped though.

It was not wrapped or padded and was loose banging around inside a box with another item.

Because it’s so un-fancy, enameled pieces are often left outside and/or coated in dirt and debris and often get passed up because of it.

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