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#Fund Peace Not War #Demilitarize J United States – Taliban 8th round of peace talks suggest peace deal is near... Though not all details have been sorted out, Mujib Mashal from the NYT offer some of the likely facets of deal.#For AWorld Without War #Peace Talks A On this day 74 years ago, another atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.body::selection body a body a:hover .blog-title a:hover .blog-menu a:hover .blog-search #searchsubmit .blog-search #searchsubmit .blog-search #searchsubmit:hover .blog-search #searchsubmit:hover .featured-media .sticky-post .post-title a:hover .post-meta a:hover .post-content a .post-content a:hover .format-quote blockquote cite a:hover .post-content a.more-link:hover .post-content input[type="submit"]:hover .post-content input[type="reset"]:hover .post-content input[type="button"]:hover .post-content fieldset legend .post-content .searchform #searchsubmit .post-content .searchform #searchsubmit .post-content .searchform #searchsubmit:hover .post-content .searchform #searchsubmit:hover .post-categories a .post-categories a:hover .post-tags a:hover .post-tags a:hover:after .post-nav a:hover .archive-nav a:hover .logged-in-as a .logged-in-as a:hover .content #respond input[type="submit"]:hover .comment-meta-content cite a:hover .comment-meta-content p a:hover .comment-actions a:hover #cancel-comment-reply-link #cancel-comment-reply-link:hover .comment-nav-below a:hover .widget-title a .widget-title a:hover .widget_text a .widget_text a:hover .widget_rss a .widget_rss a:hover .widget_archive a .widget_archive a:hover .widget_meta a .widget_meta a:hover .widget_recent_comments a .widget_recent_comments a:hover .widget_pages a .widget_pages a:hover .widget_links a .widget_links a:hover .widget_recent_entries a .widget_recent_entries a:hover .widget_categories a .widget_categories a:hover .widget_search #searchsubmit .widget_search #searchsubmit .widget_search #searchsubmit:hover .widget_search #searchsubmit:hover #wp-calendar a #wp-calendar a:hover #wp-calendar tfoot a:hover .dribbble-shot:hover .widgetmore a .widgetmore a:hover .flickr_badge_image a:hover img .Have you found out if your bank, pension fund or insurer is funding the new nuclear arms race yet?

Asha is finally starting to feel more like herself when everything changes, she resonates to Hemalo again.

The term "flame-wars" was coined way back in the 1970s when computer scientists talking in the first electronic discussion boards noticed that here was "an escalation of critical comments and an increase in the frequency with which people would respond with short negative messages." For anyone that has ventured into the comment section of Youtube, read Twitter for more than a few minutes or f… Today’s article is the last element in our Sense of Community series, and it’s also the most powerful. They may have issues using the product, or they may have requests for future versions based on their needs. I've said before that when I visit a new website, I often look for a link to their community.

It allows new communities to win over legacy ones; niche communities to triumph over generic platforms; and impassioned communities to outlast everyone. Managing and responding to those questions and requests quickly increases conversion, satisfaction and the likelihood or purchasing again. It's not uncommon for some brands to have a link to their Twitter account and Facebook page, with a hashtag they'd like you to use when discussing their products. A true community encourages group conversation and empowers people to contribute ideas, pr…

What if what I have with my mate is too broken to be fixed? " Asha is still grieving over the loss of her first child, Hashala and now the end of her mating with Hemalo.

She has taken to retreating into herself and lashing out at others.

Though she is terrified of loosing another child and being rejected by her mate, she eventually decides she is glad for the chance at a new beginning.

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