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19-Oct-2020 15:49

But don’t despair, single ladies in your 40s: According to that data, in Manchester, New Hampshire, and Poughkeepsie, New York, single men outnumber single females in that age range.(Once you hit age 50, though, single women outnumber single men just about anywhere.) Looking at the map, I couldn’t help but wonder (please read that sentence in a Carrie Bradshaw voice) if it has any value. Second, it doesn’t tell you who’s straight, gay, or whether they’re even seeking a partner.For a singular opinion on the dating culture in both cities, I went to Zachary Zane, who writes about culture, sexuality, and non-traditional relationships for a variety of publications.The 27-year-old has plenty to say about how people couple up and why.“The way I describe Boston is: Did you ever have a friend whose parents kept their house so clean that you were afraid to go over to their house because you might break things?That’s kind of how I feel about a lot of Boston.” Their generalizations make sense, but they’re just anecdotal. There have been many “singles maps” published over the years that use US Census Bureau data to show where uncoupled people live.

Laura Carpenter, who has been single in both cities (the 35-year-old currently lives on the North Shore), says New York City is better if you’re looking for a range of single people. In New York, she says, “You’re surrounded by people who are modeling, acting, [on] Broadway.

A Vassar graduate, he lived in Boston, and now resides in New York.

I ask Zane whether he thinks it’s easier to date in some cities than others — and whether Boston or New York is a better dating city, in general.

Soma agrees that his map doesn’t tell any kind of full story.

He still regularly gets e-mails asking him for specific data on things such as racial makeup or education levels.Those New Yorkers assume that in a smaller city, people might be less transient. They believe that in a place like Boston, people are more interested in long-term commitments. Still, both groups make good points about why the grass might be greener elsewhere. When I ask around about the dating culture in both cities, I get a lot of generalizations.

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