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11-Jan-2020 16:15

However, if she's smiling, playing with her hair, and gesturing in your direction, you might have a chance.

Maintaining eye contact is key when you're trying to create rapport with someone new.

These days, it can be very easy for mobile devices to get in the way of human contact and interaction.

When we feel awkward in a situation or are simply bored with what's going on, we simply pull out our phone.

Since two days ago I don't write any more her, because I'm afraid she will get more disgusted by me. Becase she doesn't seem that nice on facebook than the way she talk in subway (realtime), but why she gave me her facebook?

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Ambiguity in romantic relationships is part of the fun - but it can also be pretty frustrating. One quiz says she isn't interested and another quiz says she's totally in love with you. A few days ago, after the art class, the person supposed to pick me up was late(my cycle was out for repairing), so she offered me to wait to wait at her home(it was near) and even proposed to give me her number.

So guys while I was traveling with a friend (male) in the subway (underground/metro) I saw a girl that was closer to us.