Dating dims

15-Mar-2020 23:38

And it’s not disclosed or put on a sleeve for everyone to see.It is deep inside the person because most of us are vulnerable here.For dates – you can start with this dimension because it’s a good icebreaker and it gives you the needed information to probe further and get to the interesting parts.So start with this category, but move fast from it because, as you have probably experienced in the past, it gets boring too soon too fast.But the place where you are vulnerable is the place where you actually form a connection.Because you tap in those emotions and feel what the other person is feeling.Describe your favorite battery recharging physical activity? And with this dimension, we finish the „visible“ dimensions.Because both intellectual and physical dimensions are, most of the times, easily seen, distinguishable and understood.

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You need to go slow, take time to get to know each other on the intellectual and physical dimension and then, when the time is right, slowly transition in this dimension. Questions which elicit emotions in the other person and make them share a part of their inner self is the main deal of the emotional dimension.Questions concerning any physical activities, sports, the food they eat or don’t eat, countries they have or haven’t traveled to.The questions in the physical dimension look something like this: Did you do any sports and why/why not?But to give you even more understanding about these categories, why they are so important and what kind of questions you can ask for each and every one, I will explain them in details.

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This dimension is all about the logical side of our brain.

When you understand these dimensions of a person, then you understand the person as a whole.