Dating an ex from years ago

26-Sep-2019 00:55

I started talking with an ex-boyfriend about 2 months ago and I'm also married. I still have some feelings for him but I dont think he wants to talk to me.I always use to think what would it been if we were together.

I love him and will always have a special place in my hear for him Im on the same boat from the last post, it's been ten years, I really loved him, was pregnant and didnt go through with the pregnancy because he was a bad boy and I didnt what kind of life I would give a baby at the time.

What made me delete him off facebook was thinking about how he left me in the first place, he left town n changed his number, i was heart broken for a long time n felt like ****!!

I was only 20 yrs old bak then, this is what made me delete him n am so glad ive gotten rid of it now I broke with my ex girl 6 years ago, i did never say to her that i miss her, or love her, when i talk to her i allways show her that she mean no thing for me, and tell her bad words, and give her cold feeling, but truthly i do love her from the deep of heart i wish if i can see her look at her eyes kiss her hug her but i can not, so i think he stil remember you and think about you he is human being like you and he got the same feeling but you did hurt him that way his acting this way . You will get blamed for wrecking her marriage, even if that's not true, and wtf do you think she'll do when she starts getting bored with you?

he replied 2 days later, we exchanged a few pleasant emails about our lives and now we have nothing left to say but I really want to continue talking to him on friendly basis, nothing more.

but we've done all the catch up talk so what's next?

He did beg me at the time to have it, but I just couldnt!! Spend your time on those who are willing to commit time to you. I have been in and out of contact with my first love for 30 years. In hindsight perhaps she was giving me one last chance to stop her engagement? A couple years later we started emailing each other & she wanted to get together.