Dating a sanguine girl

22-Oct-2019 19:12

If you’re stressing out about work or having a nervous breakdown about your career, it’s your introverted partner who helps you sort through the negativity and reminds you of how capable you really are. It warms your heart though, that someone knows you that well.

More than wanting attention, you want to be understood deep down. Introverts don’t want to discuss their “feels” or have a formal conversation about their emotions.

They get depressed a lot, and there will be moments when you never know what to say.

If you love this person, these will be dreaded moments.

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They’re not the type to share their feelings too much or put their loving thoughts about you into words, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking it.

For melancholics, depression is a constant struggle.

Since they are either analyzing the past or meditating on the future, they tend to be detached and sad.

And introverts like that you’ll take the lead in social situations. When you just can’t handle the pressure anymore, you have your introverted partner to fall back on.

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You help introverts come out of theirs shells while they respect your independence and “need to do your thing.” It doesn’t matter if you’re at a bar or club, they’re down to be your wingmen. Your partner has the sound mind to keep you from really losing it. They know when you’re not saying what’s really on your mind.

Your partner doesn’t mind playing a supportive role and tagging along when you want to see your friends.