Dating a man with spoiled children

04-Mar-2020 18:06

Life is too short to be wasted suffering aimlessly with the wrong person!

My husband told me he couldn't be with me and his 18 & 20 year old kids at the same time.

They will never appreciate anything that you do for them, you will always be last (even his ex-wife is first), and you will resent the fact that you wasted all that time with someone who didn't love you let alone appreciates the pain and drama you have to deal with.

She's the only girl in her class with hairy legs and armpits; other kids notice and tease but she says she doesn't care.

Basically he left me for his ex-wife and started having an affair and used his "old already" grown kids as an excuse. Telling you to leave HIS house should have cost him the house. Obviously he never felt like you were a partner to call the house his, when he should have considered it "ours". At least you no longer have to put up with the game playing that he was sure to start with HIS kids.

Let me guess - he puts the mother of these kids on a pedestal, like mine did.

She periodically had him visit and got drunk with him and I do believe she would do something like that.

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But still, I was the one that messed him up, as I was the authority figure who would try to get him to do anything, let alone go to school.because obviously I was really hurt by what he said.