Current recordset does not support updating asp

05-Feb-2020 20:25

current recordset does not support updating asp-76

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Another way to avoid this type of error is to use the Record Count property to count the records as follows: This statement is a bit unpredictable with ADO because some ADO Recordset objects return -1 as the count.

Public Function Get Recordset(Query As String) As Recordset Dim o Conn As adodb. Although the client side cursor is used, the next recordset is not in the client cursor engine.

Fields("customer ID") = Request.form("cust ID") rs1.

After some difficulty upgrading it to SQL - it seems to work almost. Requery 'Read in the new topic's ID number lng Topic ID = CLng(rs Common("Topic_ID")) I really do not know - it is a Web Wiz forum & their support is pretty nill on updating from MSAccess to MSSQL.

I get this message when trying to post anything: ADODB. We downloaded the forum & I would think it would work?

Recordset error '800a0cb3' Current Recordset does not support updating. I scanned for locktype in the source code, but came up blank -Corey Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? Just posting messages / private messages do not work.

Connection, o Rs As Recordset Set o Conn = New adodb. Open DSN On Error Go To handler Set o Rs = New Recordset o Rs. Open Query, o Conn, ad Open Static, ad Lock Read Only Set o Rs. Close Set o Conn = Nothing Set Get Recordset = o Rs On Error Go To 0 Exit Function handler: Set o Rs = Nothing Set o Conn = Nothing On Error Go To 0 End Function I works for simple recordsets, but not with multiple recordsets... To solve the problem, please don't close the connection to the database until you don't need to use the all recordsets.

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