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07-Sep-2020 12:10

So the more cycles of short bursts of hard focus, followed by work on other subjects or rest we can engineer into our schedules, the better off we are.

Which also ties into…Chunking is what happens when your brain solidifies a new memory pattern.

I also had a complete misunderstanding of the purpose of notes in the first place…Didn’t I ever stop to think that maybe it’s not about the information: that it’s not about making pretty pictures and making sure you’ve covered EVERYTHING that comes out of the professor’s mouth or your textbook pages? Notes are not about simply recording information, but about ACTUALLY getting new information into your head.

Yes, you want to be on top of what the professor is saying, but better to actually LISTEN and take down notes on his key points, than act like a copying robot, making sure the spacing on your graph is perfect, and that you select the correct color of pen with the appropriate weight for drawing a parabola…Ridiculousness is all I have to say about how I used to behave… And I can serve up my own errors as an example for other students so that you don’t make the same mistake I did.

Ignore taking notes on background, history, and derivations (waste of your time), and focus intently on copying down every step of example problem solutions, key equations, and key graphs/diagrams (this is where the meat is).

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Step 3: Click Consolidate Account to add an account you’d like to consolidate.In math-based courses like this, I like to use diagrams with symbolic labels, and equations with short notes – so that I can get it condensed down pretty small, but still in my own head know what’s going on.

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