Common french phrases dating

01-Jul-2020 07:11

Once you think you've mastered these basic French phrases, try the audio flashcards or exercises to test your memory.

Return to the French I Tutorial or head to the French Listening page for more French (and mp3s)! French Language Tutorial includes more than 200 pages of grammar and vocabulary topics, sample sentences, informal ways of speaking, cultural information about France, and an overview of French pronunciation.

The French, despite an unwarranted reputation for being aloof, are very polite when it comes to service. Included is a 3-course traditional lunch by the Grand Canal. VIP Versailles Tour with Private Viewing of the Royal Quarters Skip-the-Line entrance to the chateau through a VIP entrance, plus a private tour of the royal chambers and opera house not open to tourists.

Skip the Line, with Hotel Pick-up & Lunch This day trip from Paris gets you inside the royal estate without waiting in the long lines. (This is a bit more forceful.) Je voudrais une tasse du thé — I'd like a cup of tea. Je voudrais le carte des vins — I'd like the wine menu. Je voudrais un peu de chocolate — I'd like a little chocolate.

In addition, the formal you is also used as the plural you.

If a phrase or question is informal, you should use it with family members, close friends, and children.

I have included both the formal and familiar forms of the above phrases in the download PDF for your reference.

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Parle lentment, s'il vous plait — Speak slowly please.

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