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25-Oct-2020 14:00

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Nice thing about college is that you already have an icebreaker established. Your pride will be hurt, but you'll respect yourself more for trying.

Talk to each other about the class subject, and use that to segway into other subjects. If you notice some chemistry, she seems actively engaged with talking to you, ask her out. You get none of this experience and character growth from using online dating.

I'm not one to do one night stands but idk, what would your advice be?

I’m a senior in college and will be graduating in May.

I'm not saying use a pick up line on every woman you see but just start conversations whenever you can and see where they take you.

I got a girls number a couple days into college but it never went anywhere.

I do have a few friends and it's too late to sign up for clubs right now.

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Right now I'm in college but am not really popular so parties aren't really a good option for me.

When I stopped "wanting/looking" for a gf, they started coming to me. Parties are your best bet, it's not too late to go, it's college.

Figure out a way.question from someone in a similar situation, how do you fight the insecurity that you're not having sex/future partners will be more experienced if you take a college hiatus.

Overall, just join some organizations and spend some time in the dorm.

For our group, we always hung out in a specific dorm lounge late at night. Interestingly enough, she hated me when she first met me.I'd say I'm attractive so that wasn't an issue.

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