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11-Dec-2019 07:44

Plus, he now even has someone to blow his breathalyzer.

On August 26, 1986, Cassie Elizabeth Ventura was born in New London, Connecticut.

All snark aside, we’d like to congratulate Cassie on this score.

If only her nihilistic trainer would let her eat Dippin’ Dots, this would be the ultimate dream come true. He’s proof that even following a bitter divorce and embarrassing DUI, you can still have fun and enjoy the good life if you have the right parents.

It is unclear when or why Ryan and Cassie broke up, but the “Diamond Girl” singer has kept his love life private since.

His last known relationship was with the Tunisian model, Kenza Fourati.

At 14, she began modeling, and by 16, she was modeling for local department stores, Delia’s fashion catalog and Seventeen magazine.

For example, when most people get arrested for a DUI, they usually have to deplete their savings or go into debt to pay for legal costs and attorney fees.

Sometimes I think people do things in this town just so we can write about them. I’m going to say none of the three and go with the shoes.

We have learned that News 9 Severe Weather Babe Cassie Heiter is dating jet-setting, trust fund inheriting, drunk driving Dippin’ Dots CEO Scott Fischer. Or the fact that he uses “CEO” in his Instagram username. You’d have an easier time picking your favorite Dippin’ Dots flavor.

Ryan’s entertainment label, Next Selection Lifestyle Group, collaborated with Diddy’s record label, Bad Boy Records to sign Cassie as an artist.

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In August 2006, Cassie’s self-titled debut release came out.Instead, she moved to New York City and began classes at the Broadway Dance Center. Cassie states the two were having fun and recording songs when Ryan said to her, “Let’s put this on My Space.” From there, the model turned singer’s career became an overnight sensation.