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This type of issue forces companies to choose whether they want to incorporate 'super human' features into their products, or not.HD video quality, for instance, no doubt improves usability of recordings as evidence, but at the same time increases file size, which in turn leads to an increase in bandwidth requirements for data transfer and storage capacity.You can customize your Kasa experience with activity zones to only send alerts that matter the most to you.Kasa Cam includes a mounting bracket for easy wall placement and a magnetic base for installing on metal surfaces without drilling.Some are meant to be mounted on the chest or shoulder, while others are attached to glasses or may be worn in a function similar to a headband or on a helmet.The various needs and budgets of police departments have led to a wide range of body camera equipment to be offered in recent years.There are several types of body cameras made by different manufacturers.

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Many body cameras offer specific features like HD quality, infrared, night vision, fisheye lenses, or varying degrees of view.Axon offers the possibility of sharing footage outside the police department, for instance with district attorneys or other prosecutors or the courts.Algorithms can be helpful in sifting through the recorded data that can quickly become overwhelming.Ever since body cameras were first worn by police officers, there has been a debate over whether capabilities that make the camera superior to that of the officer's eyes should be allowed.

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For instance, infra-red recordings could in hind-sight clearly show that a suspect did or did not carry a gun in his hand, but the officer at the scene may not have been able to see this.

The bodycam can record continuously and store the most recent for instance thirty seconds.

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