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09-Mar-2020 18:49

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Probably a good place to start is to paint a picture of what clear communication is. It’s really about how all of us interact and communicate in every aspect of our lives.Effective communication is defined as verbal speech or other communication methods to get your point across. It’s the ability to say something at the right time; to be able to get multiple people on the same page in a group decision.Take a look at this advice on how to make engaging eye contact.When you ask someone questions, you are able to clarify what they are saying to ensure you get the whole picture. We all know if you have a conversation with your arms crossed the entire time, it gives off a bad vibe.

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There are a lot of jobs that require you to be a good communicator.

It’s the ability to have your body language say the right thing so the person you’re speaking to knows your listening.