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You are welcome to post your questions, topics you'd like to add, or events or situations that are happening that you might like to understand better. And here's where you get to help decide what is covered in our monthly newsletter, "What's New in Auntie's Community". Our online live chat rooms allow users to enjoy live chat in the room you choose.You, along with everyone else, will be able to speak live into your microphone to enjoy a variety of fun and unique conversations.

And then, in the seeming blink of an eye, the ground shook with fury and the ground started cracking open, stinky steam burst out, the lava lakes emptied and their contents flowed under a subdivision. My job was to listen to the harrowing stories of danger and the heartbreaking losses, to comfort the community and help them find anything they might not have been able to bring with them.

You and our other members will be able to talk within a second of typing or speaking your message. Plus, you are speaking to everyone without a delay, which has caused a multitude of confusion in the past.

Conversations will now flow more smoothly and without waiting.

The difference this time was the warning signs were numerous and strong so strong, like not in living memory strong. As the eruption covered houses, the community came together to help the residents.

This is the place where individual experience meets shared wisdom to become common knowledge. So, kick back in your favorite chair, grab a bite to eat, and let's get started.

When you ask thought-provoking questions in Auntie's Porch Swing, Auntie's Living Room or personal contact, the answer may be discussed in depth in the next issue.