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Specific supermarkets may sell pork, but are sold in separate sections.According to Vision the event was aimed at enhancing and celebrating Dubai’s position as the gastronomic capital of the region.Studies of human dental remains dating back to the third millennium shows high level of attrition which is believed due to the mastication of dry bread.The cuisine which originated in the area that consists of the United Arab Emirates today and previously the Trucial States is formed by a similar Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine which is consumed in the wider Arabian Peninsula.Other desserts include khabeesa, which is flour bread crumbs blended with sugar, cardamom, and saffron or bethitha, a semolina blended with crushed dates, cardamom, and clarified butter.At the close of the meal, it is usual to be served with a red tea infused with mint, which aids the digestion.Balaleat is another dish, but its advent again with the traders, who introduced pasta.Sweet options include luqeymat, a deep fried ball of pancake batter that is rolled in sesame seeds and then drizzled with date honey.

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The presence of grinding stones as well as fired clay ovens in archaeological sites indicate that grain processing was also performed.

Dried lemons, called loomi, are also heavily featured, gown locally, and used in most dishes.